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Running the June 2007 CTP samples

Download the June 2007 CTP release from the Releases section on the right.


  1. ADO.NET Entity Framework June 2007 CTP
  2. SQL Server 2005. You can download the Express Edition if you do not already have a copy of SQL Server 2005.

Configuring the samples

  1. Before attempting to run the samples, you will need to set the connection string to point to the database file included in the samples. The connection string is set in the App_Code\BasePage.cs file. Change the path after AttachDbFileName in the connstr assignment to match the path to the samples on your machine. You might also need to change user instance=false to user instance=true depending on how you configured SQL Server Express. And, if you're using another edition of SQL Server 2005, or you chose a different name for your SQL Server Express installation, you will need to change the server=.\SQLEXPRESS part of the connection string.

Running the samples

  1. Open Microsoft Visual Web Developer Codename Orcas Express Edition from the Start Menu. Once Visual Web Developer Express is running, choose "Open web Site" from either the File Menu or the Recent Projects section of the Start Page. Navigate to the folder where you extracted the June CTP samples and choose Open.
  2. Once the Web site is open Visual Web Developer Express, right-click on Default.aspx in the Solution Explorer and choose View in Browser
  3. Navigate through the samples to see how they work.

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