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ADO.NET Samples

Running the Entity Framework Beta 3 Samples

Download the Entity Framework Beta 3 Samples from the Releases section on the right.


  1. ADO.NET Entity Framework Beta 3
  2. ADO.NET Entity Framework Tools December 2007 CTP.
  3. SQL Server 2005. You can download the Express Edition if you do not already have a copy of SQL Server 2005. SQL Server Express is included with Visual Studio 2008.

Configuring and running the samples

Read "Getting Started with LINQ to Entities.docx" (included in the release .zip file in the Getting Started folder) for more information about these samples.

See the page about the Beta 2 samples if you are still interested in the Beta 2 samples.
See the page about the June CTP samples if you are looking for information about them.

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