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Serialize attributes of object's properties through Asp WebService

first post: nktt3514 wrote: Hi all,I'm developing a Win form application with Client-Server mod...

errors in runing samples

first post: asifkalim wrote: hi, im getting following errors while trying to build/run the sampl...

Problems working with Samples Beta 3

first post: jocelynn wrote: I have installed Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and .NET framework 3.5 SP1 ...

latest post: fatihsever wrote: Hope it helps.

ADO.NET Entity Framework Released

first post: jocelynn wrote: The Beta 3 released is the latest released version? Is there any n...

Any samples for Entity Framework beta 1 are coming?

first post: miksh wrote: Any samples for Entity Framework beta 1 are coming?

esql blast suggestion

first post: JulieLerman wrote: Zlatko Next time you are tweaking this great tool, I have a sugges...

Great Setup

first post: bp_qwerty wrote: I love how easy it was to get started with the sample, and to be ab...

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